My Favorite Restaurants

  • Lattitude Restaurant, West Springfield, MA: this is by far my favorite restaurant in Western Mass. The food is amazingly delicious, trendy, and just upscale enough to make for a perfect date night without any trace of pretentiousness. I had an exquisite lamb dish which was cooked perfectly medium rare, a smoked pork chop which passed this Texas girls high smoked meat standards, and a white chocolate poached pear dessert that rocked this savory gals world. I’ve never ordered anything that didn’t impress me and the wait staff are the most friendly people in the area, which is a bigger compliment than you may realize. Oh and the martinis are fabulous!
  • Stoney’s British Pub, Wilmington, DE: if you want to dine in London but haven’t the money for a trip across the pond then you definitely need to check on this restaurant. It is the most authentic British pub I’ve ever been in outside the UK. They serve excellent, Yankee approved fish and chips, which my wife craves at least once a month. I’m a big fan of their meat pies, with flakey, buttery puff pastry crust and savory, umami packed meat fillings. They make their own bangers and as a native born Texas girl, I very much approve of their sausages. The bar is great for catching a game of football (soccer) and they offer a wide variety of whiskey. Oh and be sure to try their beers on tap. My favorite is the Boddington’s Cream Ale.
  • Po Boy’s Cajun Creole Restaurant, Elkton, MD: I was born and raised in East and Southeast Texas right on the border of Louisiana. So I’ve eaten more than my fair share of Cajun and Creole food from boudain to Gumbo. I left Texas back in 2006 and I’ve never found Cajun or Creole food on par with what I grew up with. Nothing was authentic, the roux was too blonde, the holy trinity was missing and a myriad of other complaints kept me out of any restaurant boasting “Cajun” cuisine. Then I discovered Po boy’s in my new home town of Elton, MD. Our first trip in we ordered several things off the menu to give it a solid taste test. We tried the fried chicken, fried catfish po boy and a cup of gumbo. All of the food was delicious and instantly transported me back to Louisiana. I can not recommend this hidden gem enough!
  • Santa Fe Mexican Grill, Newark, DE: again being from Texas I am a major Tex Mex snob. If I want authentic Mexican cuisine that’s one thing but usually I don’t. I want Tex Mex with crunchy taco shells, spicy salsa, creamy queso, and cheese enchiladas covered in chili sauce. Santa Fe completely satisfies this ex Texas lady’s cravings! The salsa has a really nice heat level, the queso is from scratch, and even the rice is Tex Mex brilliance. I’ve had their pork carnitas, a crunchy beef taco, their chicken tamale in tomatillo sauce (Texas size portion!) and all were absolutely delicious. Their refried beans are perfect and take me right back to Sunday lunches at Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant in Henderson, TX when I was a little girl. Most importantly the food is fresh, not greasy, and healthy. So you won’t feel guilty about having that extra Margarita.
  • Warmdaddy’s, Philadelphia, PA: if you want authentic Southern soul food then look no further than Warmdaddy’s. The Low Country Catfish is fresh and crispy, their black eyed pea soup with pulled turkey is a big bowl of South in your mouth, and the fried chicken is perfect! Their cornbread was impressive but a little on the sweet side for me but the wife loved it! They also feature live Jazz and a extensive drink menu. This is definitely a fun place to dine and I can’t wait to go back!
  • Karma Restaurant and Bar, Philadelphia, PA: Hara Bara Kebob. Hara Bara Kebob. I had to type it out twice to really convey how much this dish means to me. Hara Bara Kebob is Tandoori chicken marinated in coriander, chilies, ginger, and garlic and it is the best Tandoori dish I’ve ever had! The chicken is actually this brilliant turquoise color from the marinade and it’s simply beautiful! I actually squealed when they set that sizzling plate of chicken perfection on the table! If I’m honest, Amy ordered the Hara Bara Kebob and then I proceeded to eat her dinner instead of mine. The dish is that good. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.
  •  44 & X Hell’s Kitchen, NYC: the best brunch I’ve ever had! Ordered the Maryland Crab Cake, Poached Egg, Tomato, and Hollandaise dish and it was so freaking good. The crab cake had large, sweet pieces of crab and the Hollandaise was light and delicate. Combine that with a perfectly poached egg and I’m definitely in my happy place. I had a couple glasses of the Ethel Mermosa as well. We were able to dine without a reservation but I’d recommend calling ahead as the tables filled up quickly.
  • District Tap House, Garment District, NYC: this is a great place for small plates and tap beer. We stopped in after seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I loved the food and the beer. I had the Cedar Smoked Center Cut Pork Chop and it was perfectly smoked. Amy had the Warm Vegetable Gratin, which we shared and the Grilled Salmon, which she said was cooked perfectly medium rare. I had the Old Speckled Hen on tap and it was an excellent beer. Next time we stop in I’m definitely trying the Duck Fat Fries!
  • Wine on Third, Niagara Falls, NY: Amy and I dined here on our first wedding anniversary, November 2012. It was bitterly cold out but we walked down to the falls to see the light show after dark and once our ears and noses were properly frozen we rushed off to dinner. I had the Chef’s Choice Soup, which was a Tomato Bisque and the Truffle French Fries. It was so good and the perfect dinner on such a cold night. Half way through my bisque I just started dunking my fries straight in like the bisque was meant to be a condiment for those crunchy perfectly fried potatoes.  So yummy!






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